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Huawei MediaPad clears the FCC on its way to AT&T

Publié le 19/12/2011 à 03:53 par candymodem3g Tags : Huawei MediaPad

The Huawei MediaPad isn’t the newest product for us, as it was spotted back in June on video and was quickly announced as a 7 inches Android 3.2 Honeycomb tablet rocking a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm processor and some 3G/4G radios inside. We’ve seen it at the FCC a few times in the recent past on its way to T-Mobile but today we will show the slate with AT&T US bands.

You could find more information and detailed pictures from the FCC filing. If the tablet looks familiar it’s because the Huawei MediaPad is actually available now in the US as the T-Mobile Springboard. It was a fairly decent device for a 7? Honeycomb tablet.

According to the FCC filing and others, the MediaPad has just been cleared with AT&T bands, giving it the green light to possibly land on shelves this holiday season. Do note these are HSPA+ speeds and not AT&T’s new 4G LTE. The hardware looks identical for the most part and rocks a 7? 1280 x 800 display, Android 3.2 Honeycomb, a dual-core 1.2 GHz Qualcomm processor with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage.

The tablet has front and rear facing cameras and all the usual specs like micro-USB, and even a micro-SD slot for extra storage. This could be an awesome budget Honeycomb tablet to go along nicely with the hefty price of the HTC Jetstream from AT&T. We’ll report back when we hear more but for now expect to see this land on AT&T here soon.

News via Androidcommunity.

How to get 3G on Eee Pad Slider SL101?

Publié le 16/12/2011 à 07:12 par candymodem3g Tags : 3G ROUTER Eee Pad Slider

When Asus first announced the release of Eee Pad Slider SL101 in July, 2011, as a upgraded tablet of Asus TF101(Android 3.0) , this SL101 is upgraded to android 3.2 system, many Asus worldwide followers, including some on Business Insider , considering it as the iPad’s first true competitor not only the price but the quality.

The SL101 belongs to Asus. It has Asus’s giant library of video, music, and movies. In order to write articles or play game quickly, the SL101 is equipped with a portable keyboard and two cameras, which benefits the customers greatly. As I know ,Asus is the first manufacturer internationally to produce EPC, so the release of the Eee Pad Slider will influence and lead the market greatly, and it costs $400-$550, but one of the disadvantages about the tablet is that Eee Pad Slider doesn’t has 3G by now. Now let’s learn how to get 3G on and make it benefit.

How to Get Eee Pad Slider SL101 3G?

We know the Eee Pad Slider SL101 only supports WiFi at present, and that is not enough for people under special circumstances. For example, if there is no enough wireless networking for you to connect and you have to deal with something urgent by WiFi then, what you will do? So, all that we do is to get WiFi signal by a 3G device (or 3G router). How to realize this and make Eee Pad Slider SL101get on 3G?

There are two methods:

1, Use the personal WiFi hotspot on your smartphone.

2, Use a 3G router to get Eee Pad Slider SL101 3G.

Example: Get 3G on Eee Pad Slider SL101 personal hotspot

1 How to set up your WiFi hotspot? Take iPhone 4 as example:

Go to the settings menu, in “settings”, you’ll see a new “personal hotspot” menu item. Tap it.

In the personal hotspot menu, slide the “personal hotspot” option to “on”.

You’ll note that Apple has allocated the connection a default password which is shown on this screen too. You can either use it or change it to something you can more easily remember by tapping on it.

Then, on your Eee Pad Slider WiFi menu, you will see your iPhone pop up in the list in seconds. The network name is the name of your iPhone in iTunes.

Of course , you can also use Windows and Android Smartphone personal hotspot to get Eee Pad Slider on 3G.

How to get EeePad Slider SL101 on 3G by Huawei E587 Mobile Hotspot

The devices you need:

  1. Huawei E587 Mobile Hotspot and a SIM Card
  2. Eee Pad Slider

Insert a SIM Card into Huawei E587 mobile hotspot and power it on .Turn on Eee Pad Slider and you will see the E587 pop up in the WiFi list. Select it, you will need to enter the password and you can find it inside the back cover of Huawei E587 mobile Hotspot. Wait a few seconds for connecting and you get Eee Pad Slider SL101 3G.

This is how I get 3G on Eee Pad Slider. View the above methods , I prefer to use the 3G router, for it is safe, fast and stable.

Huawei Honor (U8860) Review

Publié le 16/12/2011 à 02:22 par candymodem3g Tags : Huawei Honor Huawei Honor U8860

Huawei Honor offers a 1.4 GHz processor, Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread, an HDR capable 8 megapixel camera and a huge battery.

The Honor takes things up a notch from previously released Huawei products and shows that they do in fact have some awesome hardware and great performance to offer the mid and high-end smartphone buyer in this crowded Android market.


The hardware and general feel of this device is a definite step up from what we’ve seen thus far from Huawei. They’ve provided a bright and crisp 4.0? 480 x 854 resolution display on a thin and not so wide chassis that comes in around 10.8mm thick. Covered in Corning Gorilla Glass it will also hold up to daily abuse. The good stuff comes with the innards and the camera though.

Huawei’s equipped Huawei Honor with a Qualcomm 1.4 GHz single-core processor, 512MB of RAM (only downfall) and 4GB of internal storage. With micro-SD and micro-USB ports we should be fine with adding additional storage. The good news doesn’t end here either. The Honor has an awesome 8.0 megapixel camera on the rear and a much better than most 2 megapixel front camera for video chat. All of this is powered by Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread and a huge 1930 mAh battery under the hood.

For a device rocking a 4? display the entire phone is small and pleasant to hold. Being average in size compared to most 4? offerings Huawei decided on a thinner and longer screen. The device being so thin actually gives it a very small footprint and makes it seem much smaller than other phones.

The hardware is some of the best we’ve seen from Huawei and if we had to gauge it we had say it fits neatly between the superior hardware of HTC and the lightweight plastic of Samsung. The back and battery cover is a thick glossy plastic that feels both lightweight and durable giving it an overall favorable build quality. The call and speaker volume was exceptionally clear and loud too.


Powered by Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread any past experience with Android users will feel at home. Other than a few visual changes with the home screen, launcher, and a few menu’s the entire UI is the same. We do have a custom home launcher that makes the icons and general scrolling through screens and applications different than we’re used to but nothing overly crazy. Performance here was great.

We have a Ice Cream Sandwich style unlock screen and while our unit was running pre-production software the entire build seemed very stable and extremely smooth and fluid. The writing on the lockscreen should be ignored in the video. As far as bloatware apps we have TouchPal Keyboard (that helped on the thin screen), Security Guard, App Installer for third party apps, and Documents to go. Much less than we’ve seen from others.

Huawei Sonic launches as an Android prepaid goPhone

Publié le 14/12/2011 à 03:03 par candymodem3g Tags : huawei christmas huawei sonic

Those of you looking for a low-tier prepaid Android solution may be interested in the new Huawei Fusion. The Fusion started off as the Huawei Sonic and was earlier pictured by pocketnow sporting AT&T branding. It was later learned that the Huawei Sonic was in fact the Huawei Fusion, an Android AT&T prepaid goPhone launched a few days ago.

The Fusion may satisfy the most basic smartphone needs on a low-cost budget. The Fusion features a 3.5? HVGA display, 600MHz processor, 3.2MP camera, running Android 2.3.3. The phone should be available at your local Walmart. As part of the goPhone family, you get to choose your own pay-as-you-go plan free of contracts with easily refillable minutes. Certainly, it may not the one that most of you will be looking for, but it could make the perfect gift for someone on a budget. online shop provides up to 25% OFF plus $10 coupon code for orders over $199? apply the coupon code: modem3gJA. Your coupon expires on 12/25/2011, so don't wait!

Huawei releases demo Android 4 ROM for its Honor smartphone

Publié le 13/12/2011 à 02:20 par candymodem3g Tags : Huawei Honor smartphone christmas

If you’ve been wondering what the first non-Nexus phone to get Android 4.0 would be, we now have a tentative and have unexpected answer: the Huawei Honor. Huawei has taken the uncommon step of launching a “demo” Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the device along with directions on how to roll back to Gingerbread if things seem a little too bleeding edge. Obviously it’s stable-enough for one Huawei executive, who posted the above image on Weibo.

We’re not certain that a “demo” ROM intended mainly for testing should consider as the first official launch of Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade from a manufacturer, but it’s important that it could be a signal that Huawei is getting aggressive about attracting hardcore Android users.

this news from online shop provides up to 25% OFF plus $10 coupon code for orders over $199? apply the coupon code: modem3gJA. Your coupon expires on 12/25/2011, so don't wait!

Huawei MediaPad – World’s first 7-inch Android 3.2 tablet

Publié le 12/12/2011 à 03:05 par candymodem3g Tags : Huawei Mediapad tablet

After several attempts ,the leading global supplier of network terminal huawei finally launched the World’s first 7-inch Android 3.2 tablet-Huawei Mediapad, Equipped with a powerful high-pass dual-core 1.2GHz processor, while enjoying the Huawei terminal Newell cloud cloud computing solutions. This 7 inches capacitive display tablet is the company’s smartest, slimmest, and lightest tablet that measures 10.5mm (0.4 inches) deep and weighing approximately 390g (0.86 lbs.). While the MediaPad might seem small as compared to other Android tablets, it does pack a 1.2GHz dual-core processor from Qualcomm that is able to playback Full-HD1080p videos. It has a 5MP rear-facing camera as well as a 1.3MP front-facing camera. For connectivity, it has a WiFi-N as well as HSPA+ for up to 14.4Mbps; all of this with a claimed 6 hour battery life. The Huawei Mediapad is completely overtaking apple ipad2, which is best choose for you to buy the latest Mediapad.

Whether in design, quality, screen, performance, the Huawei Mediapad is superior to other tablet.


Impressive is that, MediaPad with a unibody design process to create an integrated all-aluminum body, the machine screen panel only covers a layer of glass, did not show any physical buttons, it may be said “simple” acme.Besides, the back panel of the Huawei Mediapad is the same simple atmosphere. A slight curvature of the curve, tie-in innovation type hourglass pattern design, so Huawei MediaPad not only stylish, but also allow users to appreciate the silky skin-like touch.


Huawei MediaPad has a very attractive quality, the machine uses a Qualcomm 8 × 60 Dual-Core 1.2GHz of CPU, support HSPAHE, WIFI Internet access and Bluetooth, the built-in GPS module, can support navigation, integral function very comprehensive. Interior design is very compact; remove the battery, not directly close to the screen, the bottom has a metal frame.


MediaPad uses IPS material capacitive screen, supports multi-touch operation, in the PPI, the numerical of Huawei MediaPad is far more than the Apple iPad 2, up to 217, that is the area of 1 inch with 217 Huawei MediaPad pixels


Huawei Mediapad has GPS, Bluetooth 2.1 and also has a high speed of network connection. MediaPad support 14.4 Mbps HSPA + 4 G data services and WiFi 802.11 n high-speed wireless network, enough to meet the keen on mobile network application that fashion business people demand. There’s a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera on the front of the Pad, which is great news for fans of video calling. You also get a 5-megapixel snapper on the back, complete with auto-focus but no flash. It can shoot 720p video too.

In a word, the Huawei Mediapad is worth buying and the Christmas sales 2011 at modem 3g is 5% off.

Huawei MediaPad – World’s first 7-inch Android 3.2 tablet

Publié le 12/12/2011 à 02:55 par candymodem3g

After several attempts ,the leading global supplier of network terminal huawei finally launched the World’s first 7-inch Android 3.2 tablet-Huawei Mediapad, Equipped with a powerful high-pass dua

Online Christmas sales 2011: Christmas gift guide

Publié le 09/12/2011 à 02:39 par candymodem3g Tags : christmas coupon christmas sales christmas sales 2011 you modem3g zte skate huawei fond gift

Now we are at the end of the year in 2011, some of us must be very happy that the Christmas day is coming, as the biggest festival in the year, before its arrival, we probably prepare to buy something, no matter clothes, food, decorations and others, and they may purchase a lot in advance. So looking for the Christmas sales is very important, it will be very economic. And today, we focus on several parts of the gifts for the online Christmas sale, covering high-tech electronic products, accessories, watches etc for both men and women.

High-Tech electronic products Christmas sales

Regarding the high-tech products, they are more and more inseparable for our high-tech lives. As far as we know, Apple’s products are mostly preferred by the people all around the world, but in some places, they use other brands more. Surely, the iPad, iPhone is great, but they are not right for everybody, the ones from huawei, ZTE or other brands with superb quality and competitive price might be a better choice for them. And now, a number of stores and online shops have already held the Christmas sales promotion for the important holiday, such as">Huawei & ZTE Christmas sales 2011 online; simply list the relatively favorite high-tech goods here.

1. Smartphones

  •">ZTE Skate: The 4.3 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen with Android 2.3 operating system is particularly competitive, as the successor the hot ZTE blade smartphone, it has been getting attentions already from the release.
  • Huawei Honor U8860: although it hasn’t been released in the market yet, its high performance and affordable price form its attractiveness; even certain persons compared it with iphone.

2. Tablets

  • Huawei Mediapad: as the world’s first 7 inches Android 3.2 tablet, it could be deemed as one of the most desirable tablet in the 2011. And according to our statistics, it is particularly welcomed for the Japan market.

Furthermore, besides the discount promotion, Christmas sales also contain the coupon code; do you like using">Christmas coupon?

Christmas gifts for her

Women like shopping, let alone the biggest Christmas day, and there are lots of products for them on the market, the beauty gifts, handbags, jewellery, accessories, gloves, scarves and more. And most of the women may like shopping to buy different products at one shop, if the shop is classified clearly, it will be very good. Hence, the great majority may be fond of online shop, if you want to know, please kindly check the online xmas sales here.

Christmas gifts for him

Men have lots of choices too; the website above includes the xmas gifts for them. But besides the gifts mentioned above, generally speaking, some women like to buy watches for their boyfriends, or husbands or fathers as the presents, especially the luxury watches, do you agree with me? If you occasionally see the Christmas sales for watches, will you stay? Have a look at the watch shop( at Christmas sales 2011.

Certainly, there are so many different choices for you guys; we just introduce them just for your references. Pick out the best Christmas gifts during Christmas sales promotion online now, you will definitely get surprises.

How to get 3G on Nook Color WiFi?

Publié le 02/12/2011 à 03:36 par candymodem3g Tags : 3G on Nook Color how to get 3g on Nook Color Nook Color 3G you 3g router modem3g

No Nook Color 3G

When Barnes & Noble first announced the Nook Color and Nook Tablet, many, including some on Business Insider, dubbed it as the Kindle and iPad’s big true competitor.

The Nook Color has the Barnes & Noble brand. It has Barnes & Noble’s giant library. And it only costs $199. But is that enough to dethrone the Kindle and iPad? Probably not. And one of the disadvantages about this tablet is that there is still no Nook Color 3G by now. But the Nook Color is likely to put a dent in Apple’s tablet business and force the company to introduce a cheaper alternative. Now let’s learn how to get 3G on Nook Color and make it perfect.

How to Get Nook Color 3G?

We know that the Nook Color only supports WiFi for the moment, so, what we need to do is transfer the 3G signal into WiFi, then Nook Color can receive it and we successful get 3G on Nook Color.

There are two methods. 1, Use the personal WiFi hotspot on your smartphone. 2, Use">apocket WiFi routerto get Nook Color 3G.

Example: Get 3G on Nook Color with iPhone 4 personal hotspot

  1. How to set up your iPhone personal WiFi hotspot

(If you only have iPhone3G or 3GS, make sure it is already higher than 4.3 IOS)

Go to the settings menu, in “settings”, you’ll see a new “personal hotspot” menu item. Tap it.

In the personal hotspot menu, slide the “personal hotspot” option to “on”.

You’ll note that Apple has allocated the connection a default password which is shown on this screen too. You can either use it (as each iPhone 4 gets a different random password) or change it to something you can more easily remember by tapping on it.

Then, on your Nook Color Wi-Fi menu, you should see your iPhone pop up in the list after a few seconds. The network name is the name of your iPhone in iTunes.

Of course, you can also use Windows and Android Smartphone personal hotspot to get Nook Color 3G.

Get 3G on Nook Color with MF30 portable 3G router

What you need?

  1. A SIM Card
  2.">ZTE MF30 3G Router
  3. Nook Color

Open the back cover of MF30 3G Router and insert the SIM Card; Hold the power button to turn on the 3G Router; Turn on Nook Color, you should see the MF30 pop up in the WiFi list. Select it, you will need to enter the password and you can find it inside the back cover of MF30. Wait a few seconds for connecting and you get a Nook Color 3G.

This is how I get 3G on Nook Color on the way, and mostly I use the 3G Router, as it provides better connection, fast and stable.

Getting Started With ZTE MF30 Router

Publié le 01/12/2011 à 07:37 par candymodem3g Tags : MF30 3G router wireless router ZTE 3G router you mode internet 3g router modem3g

With the development of science and technology, people have more demands for wireless telecommunication products: such as wireless modem, wireless router, wireless card, PDA, etc. And to meet the requirements of different customers, ZTE released this portable wireless device">ZTE MF30 router at last year, and this MF30 3G router attracts the customer’s eyes quickly the moment it appears in the market, people can access the internet at high speed via ZTE MF30 3G router.

As we know, ZTE MF30 router’s uplinking speed is up to 5.76Mbit/s, and 7.2Mbit/s downlinking speed, you can access the internet via ZTE MF30 router at high speed, of course, both 3G and 2G networking are supported by MF30 3G router , 802.11b/g wireless mode ensures ZTE MF30 router ‘s indoor coverage and make ZTE MF30 3G router support up to 5 users  to get internet access at the same time ,and its batter’s large volume of 1500Mah ensures its Li-ion battery a long standby time. In addition, this MF30 3G router supports Micro SD card and is up to 32G, which benefits your storage greatly. Now, with this wireless router’s unique advantages, ZTE MF30 router has captured a larger market in telecommunication field.

Do you like go travelling? Or do you like surfing the internet with your family members, your colleagues or classmates at any places?  I think most young people will say “YES” , so I suggest you choose this 3G router because it will make your life enjoyable and convenient, Furthermore , it is quite small and light, just like a cell phone or a shell , so you won’t be bothered during your journey.

As one of the newest high-tech wireless products, ZTE">MF30 3G router overcomes disadvantages of traditional router that the users have to install a data card on their computer, and not installation but test are very difficult. Compare with traditional router, ZTE MF30 router has four status indicators in its appearance: Wi-Fi networking indicator, Wi-Fi signal indicator and input and output indicator, the batter volume indicator, so people can get a clear information to judge whether the  working condition of MF30 3G router is normal or not.

Below is some steps to help you to install and run ZTE MF30 router smoothly:

1. Installing the MF30 router.

Open the back cover, then insert a 2G/3G SIM card, finally put the batter into it and close the cover.

2. Accessing the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Power on you device

Notes: you can press WPS and POWER bottoms simultaneously until the LEDs are off to restore the device to the factory default settings.

Use the normal Wi-Fi application on the client to search the available wireless network, when the Wi-Fi Led is blinking

Select the SSIDof your device, and then click the Connect.

Wait until Wi-Fi connection is established.

Access the internet in one of the three modes, and we always choose the default mode:Always On.

Launch your browser to access the internet.